About Us

5 Junes


5 Junes is a clothing brand that celebrates tween girls, around the age of 9-13.  We believe these 5 years are an awesome time in a girl’s life.  Girls this age are fun, optimistic, and care deeply about their friends and family.  We believe these 5 years should be full of sunshine, laughter, and ease – a lot like the month of June.

For our Customers

5 Junes is all about go-to pieces that a girl will want to wear every day.  With that in mind, our styling is versatile.  Special enough for going out, but comfortable enough for every day. 

Our priority is on luscious, high quality fabrics that feel amazing.

Our styles are modern and fashionable.  They’re made for girls who are learning to express themselves with fashion.  Never juvenile, these are sophisticated styles cut for a tween girl’s body.  20-something fashion girls may wish they could wear 5 Junes, but they’re made just for tweens.

For our World


5 Junes clothing is manufactured ethically in Chicago.  Our clothes are made in safe and comfortable environment by workers who earn a fair wage.

We build longevity into our design.  We make pieces that are cut to fit a range of sizes, and will last longer for growing girls.  Quality fabrics and construction mean that when she does grow out of her clothes, they’ll be in great condition to pass on to a lucky sister or neighbor.

We strive to source eco friendly fabrics that have a minimum adverse impact on the environment.  Our leggings and long sleeve tops use bamboo, a highly sustainable fiber.