What Size Should I Order?

I Really Want Her Clothes to Fit!

We use amazing fabrics and high quality US manufacturing for a reason.  I want 5 Junes to be the cutest, most comfortable, most frequently worn and longest lasting clothes in your girl’s closet.  The fit needs to be great: cute and comfy now, but with some room to last.  This is so important to me, that I’ll pay for your return shipping if there are size issues.

General Sizing Tips

Other than the size Small (7/8), our clothes run pretty true-to-size.  But the clothes are designed to look good worn large, so don’t be afraid to size up.  The size Small (7/8) is running small and has been working for girls who can wear size 6.


Most girls look good in more than one size, and just about everyone ends up choosing the larger of the two.  If you’re deciding between two sizes, order the larger one.


The cardigan only comes in S, M, and XL.  The Medium is meant to fit both M and L.  This sweater is nearly 1-size-fits all, with the majority of girls choosing the Medium (10/12).  The biggest difference in sizes is shoulder width and overall length.  If your girl is 54” or shorter, go with a Small (7/8) (unless she has especially broad shoulders, then get the M).  If your girl is 5’2” or taller go with the XL (unless she has an especially small frame, then get the M).


The length is true-to-size, or slightly long.  The gathering at the ankles allows them to be worn long, with a little extra scrunch.  Most girls are finding they can wear two sizes, but are generally choosing the larger option to allow for growth.  If you’re deciding between two, go bigger.

Size Chart

Go Ahead, Order Two Sizes

It’s OK.  I do it too.  If you’re really not sure, order two sizes and send one back after she tries them on (within 5 days of delivery).  I’m really serious about wanting you to be happy with the fit.  I’ll even pay for the return shipping.

What Size Are the Models Wearing?

The girls in our photos are all wearing size M (10/12), despite a range of actual sizes, heights and body types.  My own daughter is shown in our photos looking fine in the M, although I would buy L for her so she could wear it longer.  Our smallest model could wear S, but she also looks cute in the M.

If Your Tall Daughter Doesn’t Fit in Kid’s Sizes …

Our XL (14/16) is bigger (and longer) than the largest size found in many girls boutiques and department stores.  We included this size based on feedback from moms whose tall 10 or 11 year olds could only fit into juniors/misses sizes.  We’ve heard a need for fashion designed for tweens but will fit girls who have sized out of most girls brands.